If you do not carry between 5 to 7 times your income in life insurance protection, you may be selling yourself short. If you become sick or injured would your bills continue to be paid? You may even have a disability plan at work but did you know those plans only pay you between 50-60% of your take home pay? Many times we fall into a false sense of security provided from our policies on our jobs. Do you know what will happen if you separate from your employer? In most cases you lose that coverage. Do not be caught off guard by the unforeseen. Take advantage of an independent contract that will stay with you no matter what circumstances occur. Page Life Solutions will work with you step by step to leverage your risks. Plans come with various options, depending on your goals or needs. Let us help you determine how much you truly need, based on a variety of factors. Do not sell yourself or your loved ones short!

Protect your ability to generate an income

Protect the desires of your children and family. 

Protect & Grow your legacy.

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